• nghỉ lễ

day[s] off


  1. We have three days off during the Christmas Holiday.
  • (n) nghỉ phép

on leaves

  • [thời gian] nghỉ phép, tạm rời nhiệm sở để hoàn thành một công việc (in the modern sense, one takes a sabbatical typically to merely take a break from work or to fulfill some goal, e.g., writing a book or traveling extensively for research.)

a sabbatical [year]

Explanation: Sabbaticals are often taken by professors, pastors, cartoonists (e.g. Gary Larson and Bill Watterson), musicians (e.g. Cindy Wilson, Bobby McFerrin), sportsmen (e.g. Alain Prost) and fund managers (e.g. Geoffrey Brianton). Academic sabbaticals typically follow every six years of full-time employment. The most common arrangement is for a half year at full pay, or a full year at half pay.


  1. I began the first edition of the book when I was a professor of Medicine (Cardiology) at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine; the text of the book was written during a sabbatical year with Professor Wilhem at the Max-Planck-Institut-fur in Heidelberg, Germany. - Physiology of the Heart Arnold M. Katz.
  • (n) tạm nghỉ không lương [temporary layoff from work]


  • (v) nghỉ ngơi


  • (v) nghỉ xả hơi (sau một hồi vận động/làm việc vất vả)

chill out


  1. I need to chill out
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